Doctor Who, Season 1

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Doctor Who

  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Release Date: 2005-03-26
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 13
From 1,286 Ratings

Watch Doctor Who, Season 1 Streaming

Christopher Eccleston's Doctor is wise, funny, cheeky and brave. An alien and a loner, his detached logic gives him a vital edge when the world is in danger. However, when it comes to interpersonal relationships, he can be found wanting. That's why he needs new assistant Rose. Rose is a shop-girl from the present day. From the moment they meet, the Doctor and Rose are soul mates. They understand and complement each other. As they travel together through time, encountering new adversaries, the Doctor shows her things beyond imagination. She starts out as an innocent, unfettered by worldly concerns. But she ends up an adventurer who, by the end of the series, can never go home again...

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Title Time
1 Rose 44:16 Watch free
2 The End of the World 44:48 Watch free
3 The Unquiet Dead 44:54 Watch free
4 Aliens of London 45:05 Watch free
5 World War Three 43:00 Watch free
6 Dalek 45:23 Watch free
7 The Long Game 44:29 Watch free
8 Father’s Day 42:55 Watch free
9 The Empty Child 41:52 Watch free
10 The Doctor Dances 42:53 Watch free
11 Boom Town 43:21 Watch free
12 Bad Wolf 42:50 Watch free
13 The Parting of the Ways 45:33 Watch free

Watch Doctor Who, Season 1 streaming


  • Fantastic

    By Batmon3333333333
    A great first season to a great series
  • Not HD

    By CJR Who Fan
    Be awere this is not in HD. The quality is poor watching on a TV Set. I watched less than 2 minutes and knew I made a mistake buying it. Don't purchase if quality is important to you as it is to me.
  • Christopher Eccleston is a babe😍

    By Mrs.LukeBryan
    By far the best doctor on the show. This is a must watch! Watched all of them and this Christopher Eccleston will always be my favorite, he's so sassy!😍😂
  • It's awesome.

    By MrOwl92
    I'm glad I now have the means to watch Doctor Who anywhere on the go :)
  • A Classic Revived

    By RonNickLol
    The revival of doctor who was amazing!
  • HD Please

    By mh96s
    I Would Love To Be Able To Watch This In HD On My IPhone 6 Plus ! Please Make This Fantastic TV Show Available In HD!
  • I can't buy it

    By N movie
    I've loved this series for years and I finally get a Apple phone so I go onto iTunes and it comes up on the search bar, and then! I can't buy it! What?! I'm sorry, but don't put up series if you can't even buy them! I feel tricked and cheated.
  • Poor video quality

    By Shimshon79
    I love this show. Christopher Eccleston is not my favorite Doctor, but i love the show nonetheless. I was willing to put forward 25 dollars to own the series despite the fact that it is playing in perpetuity on netflix. I thought the video quality and sound would be better. Imagine my surprise when i discovered that Apple's product was much the inferior to Netflix's. It's an embarassment, really. I understand the series was not filmed in HD, but why is does the entire screen look pixelated on my ipad mini? Can't you do better than that?
  • not the respect...

    By Docter9
    This is my favorite doctor and he only got 13 episodes! Not fair! any ways i wish i could do 4 and a half stars cause thats my rating
  • Christopher Eccleston & Billie Piper: top notch fun

    By JJMFe
    Episode 1 “Rose” is my absolute favorite episode of all time… Old Dr Who, new(er) Dr Who… this one is the best… Silly enough to grab you. Rose is eternally endearing, and Eccleston is the best “alien” the series has given us… … Looking forward to Season 8 with anticipation.